Lennart Ziegler

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About me

I am an assistant professor in economics at the University of Vienna. Furthermore I am a research fellow at IZA.

Research interests:

Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Inequality

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Study: Can Wage Transparency Alleviate Gender Sorting in the Labor Market?
Study: Does a Flexible Parental Leave System Stimulate Maternal Employment?
Study: Gender-Age Differences in Hiring Rates and Prospective Wages. Evidence from Job Referrals to Unemployed Workers
Study: What Drives Paternity Leave: Financial Incentives or Flexibility?
Study: Are Remote Work Options the New Standard? Evidence from Vacancy Postings during the COVID-19 Crisis
Study: Skill Demand and Wages. Evidence from Linked Vacancy Data
Study: Skills, Parental Sorting, and Child Inequality
Study: A Field Experiment on Labor Market Speeddates for Unemployed Workers